Good morning Godfrey fans!  CT member Tash here to bring you another dose of gallery gorgeousness.  This week, rather than focus on one particular kit, I thought it would be nice to mix it up.  I have therefore selected three standout pages from the Ginger Scraps gallery, each featuring a different kit from Susan Godfrey designs.

First up, my current favourite – Sick Chick by Pippin, using I Believe in Fairies:

Who couldn’t love this page?  I know it’s talking about what any mother finds a hard time, but it’s such an adorable page……your heart just goes out to the poor kiddo!  The use of flowers to frame the photo are the perfect finishing touch.

Next up, we have You’re the Keymaster to My Gatekeeper by Zombienerd, using Be Still my Heart (Susan’s collab with Blue Heart Scraps)

I love the colours, the layering, the way all the different elements have been used.  There’s so much happening on this page, but you don’t feel overwhelmed – love it!

Number three this week is Amy and her Daddy, by Nancy C, using Winter’s Eve:

Aside from the fact that I have always loved the colours in this kit, this page particularly caught my eye due to the ‘off-centre’ photo and the fact that it was ‘split’ across the frame.  The little cluster of flowers and elements in the top right-hand corner of the frame is also just perfect.  As for the spray of leaves down the left-hand side, it’s so pretty I’m going to steal that idea for one of my pages!

That’s it from me this week, but don’t forget to leave us a comment with links to your SGD pages – we will be running another random prize draw from all the pages submitted between today and 26 March.  You could win a $10 coupon to spend in Susan’s store – so get scrapping :-)

Hello and happy Wednesday, lovely ladies! Today I am doing another font finds blog, where I scout out some awesome fonts to coordinate with one of Susan’s gorgeous kits. This week, I have chosen to spotlight A Joyful Heart, a lovely kit with a little bit of vintage and a lot of joy! Check it out:

Susan picked a beautiful font here for the word strips, but since I last brought you a lot of retro fonts (that would also go great with this kit!), this week I’ve decided to bring you my favorite handwriting fonts.  I personally love fonts based on real life handwriting; I think they give such a personal feel to my layouts. I picked ten pretty handwriting fonts for you that every digiscrapper should have!


Aren’t they awesome? Links to download all ten fonts are listed below. And look at those  gorgeous elements! I adore Susan’s vintage card finds and that beautiful flower cluster. Remember, if you scrap a layout with this kit, make sure you drop it in Susan’s GingerScraps gallery so we can leave you some love! Hope you like these; have a great week!

1. Goldilocks

2. Melody Shay

3. Peacerful Day

4. Stella Noodles

5. Aleshia

6. Miss Priss

7. Denise

8. Stitchasaurus Rex

9. Shelby Raye

10. NJH Script

Good morning everyone! Natasha here for your weekly look at one of Susan’s lovely kits.  This week, I have chosen Summer’s Adieu - filled with a wonderful spread of both solid and patterned papers in lovely shades of green, cherry red and golden brown, this is my personal favourite.   So much so, I’ve already used it to make four pages – unheard of for me!  And of course, there’s a lovely range of elements to go with it too.

Summer’s Adieu is a slightly ‘older’ kit and seems to have slipped past many readers’ radars – so I asked our lovely CT members to spin their magic.  I think the following pages show the true flexibility of the kit:

Shelby used the kit do produce a beautifully layered page which shows off all the rich colours:

Lynn used it for a stunning pocket-style page:

Nancy’s page has a wonderful touch of whimsy:

I decided to focus on just one colour from the kit:

And last, but definitely not least, Melly used the kit to make an awesome tribute to our favourite designer:

And as if all that lovely inspiration isn’t enough, Lynn has also made a lovely border cluster with Summer’s Adieu, which you can find here:

border cluster

As you might know, Susan and her family are going through a difficult time right now – if you would like to help, there are more details on a very special deal currently available in Susan’s shop in this post.

And now, it’s time to announce the winner of our first random prize draw.  I would like to say a HUGE thank you to all of you for submitting your pages – it’s been great to see all your creativity pouring out :-)  So, without further ado, the winner is {drum roll please……..}


Congratulations Barbara – you have won a $10 gift coupon to spend in Susan’s shop.  Please contact Susan by using the ‘Contact’ button at the top of the page – and enjoy your shopping!

Ok….please be patient with me because this is the first time I have done a photoshop tutorial so I hope I can come across clear….at least clear as mud….=)  If there are any questions, feel free to ask them on the Facebook Page (that will get a faster response)

Step 1 Find your shape you want your text to follow. You can do a heart, cirlce, whatever. I wanted to do a squiggly shape.

Screenshot (2)


step 2. click your magic wand tool and highlight the shape. It should have the line going around the shape that looks like marching ants

Screenshot (5)


step 3. With that layer highlighted, click on the paths button

step 4 then click create new working path. There should be a new path appear.

Screenshot (6)


Step 5 click on your text tool and click inside the shape. there should be a symbol that appears (before you click) that looks like the cursor with a circle on it.

Screenshot (7)

step 6 There should be a box like a text box that appears around the shape.  Then start typing away! When you click back on the layers there should be a new text layer that appears. Screenshot (9)


If you don’t want want the shape behind the text then just click the “eye” and it will hide that layer but keep the text in that shape. (ignore the random letters….I wanted to show how it would look filling the whole shape)  You don’t have to fill the whole shape.

Screenshot (10)

Now if you have a weird shaped white space you can fill that space with text =)  You can manipulate the size of the text box like you would a normal box, so you can shrink, stretch, tilt, do whatever. This also works with making a title in a shape as well!


(ignore that one of my words went over the edge…)

I used the kit “Joyful  Heart” for my layout.  You can grab this kit in her store.  Remember she also has this great deal where you can buy her store to help raise some funds to help with rebuilding their house after their house fire.

Stay tuned for another tutorial that I will shop you how to follow the shape, like making a wavy line or typing around the outside of a shape

This past Wednesday, tragedy hit the Godfrey family when their home caught fire destroying the kitchen and much of the roof structure. The rest of the house was damaged from the smoke and water. Many of the Godfrey’s family and friends, including members of the digital scrapbook community, are offering help since the family does not have home owner’s insurance. Sadly, Susan had been nursing her ailing grandmother and was struggling with that challenge when the fire hit.


Many are helping in any way they can. A fund has been set up in which those who can are contributing money to assist the family with the expenses. If you would like to donate, please visit the Help a Neighbor fund at You Caring.

To help raise funds, Susan is offering a “Buy My Shop” special. For $25, you will receive over 60 products in her GingerScraps shop.

Buy the shop

To purchase, go to GingerScraps, add the Buy My Shop coupon to your cart and checkout. The code you use to pay for all the kits will be in that download.

Over the next few weeks, Susan’s creative team and social media team will be sharing layouts from their favorite kits to provide some digi inspiration. On the blog, the ladies will share ideas on how to use kits, what fonts to use and highlight layouts from the gallery.

One of the team members, Ambelleina, is hosting a giveaway. Anyhow who donates $1 or higher to the fund mentioned above, will be eligible for a drawing. She will be giving a $5 gift certificate to GingerScraps. Since I am a designer, I am adding a $5 gift card to my LissyKay Designs shop at GingerScraps. See her post for details on how to enter the drawing.

Stay tuned for updates. And in mid-March, a cross-shop collaboration will be released to continue raising money to rebuild the Godfrey home.

I have always said digi friends are the best friends to have. We are a close-knit community and drop everything to help our digi sisters. It is touching to see so many, even those who do not know Susan personally, step up and do what they can to assist. Susan has been touched and wanted me to extend her heartfelt thanks for the love shown to her family.


Good morning everyone! Are you ready for tomorrow?  What’s that I hear you say? What’s tomorrow? Why – Valentine’s Day of course!  While we don’t do a huge amount for V-day in our house – I usually get my hubby a card and then wait to see what his reaction is (usually panic because he hasn’t got me one – ha ha!), I thought it would be nice this week to take a look at some of the gorgeous pages created with Susan’s wonderfully romantic kit: Kiss Me

In fact, I shouldn’t call it a kit – it’s actually a collection.  In addition to the main kit, Susan has produced some lovely add-ons, including glitter styles, washi tape, word bits, extra patterned and heart papers – you really need to check it out if you haven’t already added it to your stash!

And now for this week’s spotlights – yes, they are all about love, but the very special love we have for and from our grandmothers.

First up, we have Grammy Kisses by shelbyj

How gorgeous is this?  We have a new baby in my family right now and I can totally relate to the simply joy in this layout.  Shelby has made wonderful use of the various papers, using them as borders and letting the picture remain as the centrepoint of the page.  I also love her cluster of elements around the photos – simple, but so effective.

Next, we have Grammy by Lisa:

I just love all the photos on this page (especially the misted one in the background) and the way in which they have been beautifully embellished with the little clusters that draw your eye in.  The little glitter hearts that are scattered around the page make me smile. Such a wonderful tribute!

That’s it for this week – but don’t forget that all layouts submitted in the comments to Gallery Spotlight posts between 23 January and 20 February will be entered into a random drawing for a $10 coupon to spend in Susan’s shop.   You have until Wednesday 19 February to submit your pages – we can’t wait to see them!

I thought I would find some good cursive type fonts for ya’ll today.  I love using cursive for those sweet and sentimental pages.  There are few here that would even work to do some title work with.  I hope there are 1 or 2 (or more) to feed your font addiction catch your fancy.fonts2 copy

1-Alex Brush
3-Great Vibes
9-Dancing Script
11-Jenna Sue

Hey scrappy people! Christina here with a quick and easy tutorial for y’all! I don’t know about you, but I’m particular about color when I’m scrapping and sometimes I feel like a kit is missing a flower or a frame or a button in the right color! Today’s tutorial is about recoloring elements! I’m doing this in Photoshop CS6, but I know it translates to other Photoshop versions and I’m sure you could poke around in other software and follow a similar method. It’s super easy!

 Let’s start with the shabby chic photo frame from Kiss Me, Susan’s contribution to the February GingerScraps buffet…


(Pay attention to the hot pink squares and click the photo to enlarge!)

I just love this frame, but what if I wanted it in a coral-y pink color instead? First, with the frame selected, go to the Layer menu > Layer Style > Blending Options. Alternatively, left-click the element in the Layers palette and select Blending Options.


Under Styles on the left hand side, select Color Overlay. You will see the entire element blocked out in the default color.


Doesn’t look very good, does it? Never fear! Under Blend Mode, select Color (second to last in the drop down menu). Boom! See that great colorizing job? All the detail of the frame can be seen again. Click the color selection box next to the drop down menu and pick a color—any color! Then click OK.


Pretty easy right? Now it’s a color, but see how these shadowed areas aren’t very shadow-y? They’re flooded with color and don’t look quite right.


Let’s easily fix that! With the element selected again, go to Image > Adjustments > Selective Color.


 Under Colors, select Blacks. Now, with the bottom slider that say Black, simply slide it over to the right to darken the shadows until you get it how you like it, I usually go for somewhere around +60 or higher. See how much darker the shadows look? Much more realistic!


And you’re done! Woohoo, go you, you’ve just learned how to recolor an element! Aren’t you the coolest? Now if you ever want to make that frame a different color or maybe switch up the color of a flower so you’ve got more variety, but it still matches the kit, you’ve got the know-how! Pat yourself on the back, you smart cookie, you! ^_^


That’s it for this Tutorial Tuesday! Do you have anything you’d like to learn? Any techniques you’ve seen and you’re dying to know how to do it, too? Swing by the Susan Godfrey Designs’ Facebook fan page, drop us a comment and maybe we’ll answer your question with a fun tutorial. Have a scrappy week!


Howdy everyone! Happy Thursday to all of you! This is Vanessa from the Creative Team. I hope that everyone is doing well. Yesterday we had a snow day here and it is SO cold! I wish that I could travel somewhere warmer during the winter.

I have been looking at Susan’s gallery at Gingerscraps and I am loving all of the layouts with Roam Around The World! There is so much inspiration! Have a look at some of my favorites:


This first layout is just awesome! I love the use of the map background paper with the blue border around it. The title work looks amazing and I love how it incorporated some of the word bits from the kit. Just the right amount of elements peeking out from behind the photos brings the whole page together. Well done, missdamsel!


I just love how unique this second layout is from barbaraj! Fashioning a compass into her page by clipping papers to circles and tags. It’s brilliant! I love the frame in the middle and the title to go with it. Also, loving how the title looks as if it were printed on the background. The worn brushes behind the circles adds a nice touch and I really like the minimal elements on the left side. Great layout!

That’s it for this week – but don’t forget that all layouts submitted in the comments to Gallery Spotlight posts between 23 January and 20 February will be entered into a random drawing for a $10 coupon to spend in Susan’s shop. So please share your layouts with us for a chance to walk away with a $10 coupon!

Remember that cute kit that was released last week? Okay, there were actually 2 released that were cute….but we already did fonts for one of them.  I decided to get some fonts that go along with the lovey-dovey theme of “Kiss Me”.  These fonts are so much fun!!  There is a great variety that can be used for journaling or titles.

7-TRUE STORIES (only works with caps lock on or all capital)
Remember to post those layouts in the gallery or go check out what has already been posted for some more inspiration!
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