He Heals the Broken Hearted


The Bible is a great source of comfort and is full of some really great promises to those who grieve.  I'm learning this more and more each day.  As I walked through the first few weeks of widowhood I took a hold of these promises and held them dear to my heart.  We are all walking wounded....every last one of us.  Each of us has our own grief and broken hearted-ness that we bear.  But, the Lord … [Read more...]

Saturday Scraps #2


Here arTie this week's scrapbooking layouts :)  Enjoy! Time to Fly I try to incorporate photos of me in my layouts occasionally.  Mostly to recognized specific times in my life, like birthdays, pregnancies, and achievements.  What's the point of a written history of my family in photos and word if I don't ever include myself?  This kit I used for this layout was inspired by the musical "Wicked" … [Read more...]

The Wisdom of Miss Alice & Pollyanna


One of my favorite books is “Christy” by Catherine Marshall. I am always really drawn to the character of Miss Alice. Miss Alice is a Quaker missionary and mentor to the main character, Christy Huddleston. As I read, I found myself wishing for a mentor like Miss Alice. In the book, she tells Christy, “My father always told us that if we will let God, He can use even our disappointments, even … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Widowhood


Being a widow is hard at any age.  When Marty passed away this past August, I was 45--what many people term as a "young" widow".  We had been married for 24 years the August 4th, before he passed on August 22nd.  I really don't like the word "widow".  It puts me in mind of sad old women who dress in black the rest of their lives.  But a Widow is what I am.  I was blessed to have a fine example of … [Read more...]

Saturday Scraps (one day late…lol) – #1


Each week, I create 5 or more digital scrapbooking layouts.  Since my blog isn't just about scrapbooking, I felt that if I posted each layout as a separate post, that it would begin to look like it was a blog just about scrapbooking.   So, instead of crowding my blog with multiple posts featuring each layout alone, I decided to post them all in one post once a week.  I will call this post Saturday … [Read more...]